GT-Protocol’s Great Journey: New AI Product, 2022 Achievements, and GTP Token Launch

8 min readApr 25, 2023

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Welcome to our latest article on GT-Protocol’s exciting and great developments!

Hold onto your hats, because we have some great news to share! In this article, we’ll be discussing our latest news, including the launch of our new AI product, our great successes throughout 2022, and our highly anticipated GTP token launch.

Brace yourself and learn more about how GT-Protocol is revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge technology and great innovative solutions.

GT-Protocol Launches Revolutionary Conversational AI Manager for Crypto Trading and Investment

We are thrilled to unveil our brand new AI product, an all-inclusive crypto AI manager designed to revolutionize users’ crypto trading and investment experience.

Our AI assistant will interact with users via a highly sophisticated conversational interface, enabling it to:

  • execute trades on both CEX and DEX platforms
  • perform deep AI market analysis,
  • optimize trading strategies,
  • initiate automatic AI algorithmic trading,
  • invest in crypto startups during IDO stages,
  • purchase NFTs from promising collections
  • and provide educational content tailored to each user’s knowledge level

The GT-Protocol AI will be mentor for people by guiding them in the world of crypto and managing all their crypto investment deals through a conversational interface as easy as to talk to a friend.

GT-Protocol aims to onboard 100 million users within the next 4 years

With 2.14 billion people making at least one online purchase in 2022, the online retail market purchases is huge.

However, the crypto market has only 460 million users, which represents an enormous opportunity.

One of the key features of our AI assistant will be to assist users with online purchases, finding the best-quality products with the most favorable delivery conditions and prices. Users will receive cashback in GTP tokens when making online purchases through our AI.

This great approach will enable millions of users who have never dealt with cryptocurrencies to become participants in the market.

GT-Protocol AI will guide them into the world of blockchain by offering the best investment opportunities on the crypto market, allowing users to not only receive cashback but also to reinvest and increase their earnings.

GT-Protocol AI removes barriers and risks associated with cryptocurrencies, making it accessible to users who have no technical knowledge, no trading accounts, KYC on CEXes or special expertise.

We are aiming to attract 100,000,000 users to the market by 2027. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

Expanding Our Great Partnerships: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Puma, Apple and More…

One of the key updates is the expansion of the GT-Protocol partnership network with the web2 world, specifically with more than 500 representatives of online platforms, including such great giants and industry titans as Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, Puma, and many others. Even giants like Apple will be among the partners.

Integrating GT-Protocol AI with such a broad network of partners will provide users with access to millions of high-quality online products with flexible payment and delivery terms.

GT-Protocol’s GTP Token Launch: A Catalyst for Growth and Innovation in the Crypto Market

The GTP token will play a key role in the AI product.

Cashbacks from online purchases will be paid out in GTP tokens, which will be automatically extracted from the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap through smart contracts before being paid out to users. As a result, the number of GTP tokens in the liquidity pool will decrease, while the number of USDT tokens will increase.

Users can also use GTP to get a trading fee discounts and purchase access to the advanced functionality and additional features of GT-Protocol AI, such as education.

And of course, we cannot forget about data mining. Users will receive rewards and bonuses in GTP tokens for using GT-Protocol AI and providing their user data to train the neural network and AI model.

The TGE & token launch

At this crucial moment, our company faces a decision of momentous importance, akin to a Shakespearean dilemma: to launch or not to launch?

Originally planned for launch in 2022, we paused the IDO due to the market’s decline and instead focused on product development. Our waiting period for token launch has extended for over a year and throughout this period, some partners have urged us to launch the token on multiple occasions.

But today finally we see we made the right decision and delay was justified as numerous projects that launched during the market downturn either collapsed entirely or saw a 90% loss in value at the current moment.

Determined to Secure GT Protocol’s Bright Future
The current market conditions are still not good. Lead generation costs remain ten times higher than during bull runs.

GT Protocol is a product company with a proven track record, operating since 2019 and boasting three successful products available to our users. After enduring countless sleepless nights and pouring an immense amount of effort into this project, we are committed to ensure and secure a bright future for GT Protocol.

After extensive discussions with our team, lead investors, advisers, and experts, we have unanimously agreed that rushing into a launch now is not in the best interest of GT-Protocol. We understand your eagerness and anticipation towards the token launch. However, we have decided to postpone this event. The future of the company is tied to the performance of the GTP token. Rushing into a launch now, only to face a significant loss in value later due to market fluctuations, may lead to the project’s downfall. This approach risks financial insecurity for investors, project failure, and user disengagement.

The decision
Right now the waiting period is a strategic investment in its prosperous future and our wait will be rewarded with a successful future.

GT Protocol will initiate GT DAO as a crucial part of our roadmap.

All significant future decisions for the company will be made collectively through DAO, ensuring a fair, transparent and inclusive approach.

Following this, in September, a DAO voting will be conducted to determine the launch, taking market conditions into consideration.

Therefore, our plan is to continue building our ecosystem, growing, expanding and eventually collaborate with centralized partners for the token’s grand debut.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we will deliver an exceptional and unforgettable launch experience.

We are confident that the GTP token will be a game-changer in the industry, providing users with unprecedented access to the crypto market and empowering them to take control of their financial future.

GT-Protocol’s 2022: A Year of Growth, Innovation, and Remarkable Success Despite Market Challenges

Despite the bear market and dramatic events such as Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we persevered and achieved incredible success in 2022.

We have lost part of our team members due to the war, but we managed to rebuild the team and relocate our head office to Europe. Despite the dangers, we persevered with the development and successfully delivered new features and instruments to our users according to our roadmap.

This achievement reflects our team’s determination and commitment to providing the best service possible to our users, even in difficult circumstances.

Despite the challenging market crisis, our user base has grown to 50,000 registered users.

We changed our algo trading platform’s business model, and this change allowed for a 2x increase in ARPU, as well as a decrease in user retention.

What’s even more remarkable is that we’ve maintained a sustainable ecosystem with an incredibly low near-zero burn rate, enabling us to weather any market fluctuations that have caused many other crypto startups to crumble.

Additionally, we reached a significant milestone in the growth and development of GT-Protocol with the launch of our Web 3.0 Trading pools.

The year 2022 saw many achievements for GT-Protocol:

  • The training of the GT-Protocol AI model
  • Growth to 50,000 registered users
  • Release of GT-Protocol Web 3.0 Trading pools v 1.0
  • Release of GT-Protocol Trading indicator v 2.0
  • Implementation of TradingView signals
  • Release of GT-Protocol Trading graph
  • Release of Pubex microservice v 2.0
  • Release of NFT-prepaid cards
  • Release of UI wizard 1.0
  • Release of Profit-sharing prepaid model

GT-Protocol Announces Rebranding to Reflect Company’s Evolution and Innovation in Crypto Industry

Due to the launch of new products and the expansion of the company, the team has decided on the need for rebranding.

The old design system contains stylistic connections to Binance, as the company became an official broker and partner of Binance in 2020.

However, GT-Protocol has existed since 2019 and has since grown from a startup state into a major player in the industry with a large user base and a wide range of crypto products.

In addition, the network of partners has expanded, and today GT-Protocol would be a broker not only for the Binance exchange, as we have received similar partnership offers from Huobi, OKX, Gate, and other exchanges.

That is why, with the growth and expansion of the company and the launch of our revolutionary AI product, the team decided on the need for rebranding and further active development of our own creative brand.

The rebranding will reflect the company’s evolution and solidify its position as a leading innovator in the world of crypto.

GT-Protocol looks to the future with excitement and innovation in the cryptocurrency industry

We at GT-Protocol are excited to continue our journey of growth and innovation in the cryptocurrency industry. As we reflect on our achievements in 2022, we are proud of the progress we have made in developing our products and generating revenue despite challenging market conditions. We are also thrilled to announce our upcoming TGE launch, and we look forward to partnering with leading CEX and DEX platforms to ensure a successful and powerful launch.

Moreover, as we expand our product line and continue to revolutionize the industry with our AI technology, we are committed to building a creative and innovative brand that reflects our vision and values.

We are confident that our new products will help us better serve our customers and partners and continue to make a positive impact in the cryptocurrency world.

We thank our community of users and partners for their ongoing support, and we look forward to a bright future for GT-Protocol.