Complimentary access to Jet-Bot for IDO participants

2 min readSep 26, 2022

Dear IDO participants,

We want to let you know that due to your support and belief in GT-Protocol and in the team — we would like to say thank you and provide a compliment in a form of a free 1 month Unlimited access to the Jet-Bot platform.

How to get a free 1 month Unlimited access to the Jet-Bot Copy Trading marketplace:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Copy UID of your account.
  3. Fill in the the application form.
  4. Contact VIP customer support in Telegram with a request to activate your access and to onboard you on the platform.

GTP Token

Also if you want to make a purchase of a membership, you can pay with USDT currency or the native utility GTP token.

GTP tokens have been issued on the blockchain network in January 2022.

If you participated in the sale of GTP tokens or signed SAFT agreements, you are eligible to use your tokens according to the vesting schedule. To use your tokens within our ecosystem, please contact our VIP customer manager via

GTP tokens Utilities

  • Memberships and subscriptions discount. Provides rights for the customer to get a discount for purchases in the GTP marketplace.
  • Profit-sharing fee discount. Provides rights for the user to get a discount for a profit-sharing fee that is charged for participation in DeFi pools.
  • A listing fee. Serves as a payment method for pool owners to create pools and list them in the GTP marketplace.

Copy Trading Risk-management and diversification rules:

  1. Diversify risks. Split your deposit between many traders. Never put all your deposit just in 1 trader.
  2. Put 80% or more in Spot strategies. Don’t put more than 20% of your budget in Futures strategies.
  3. After you double your initial deposit in Futures strategies — withdraw your initial deposit and transfer it to Spot strategies and continue to use only generated profit for Futures strategies.

Explanation of the difference between Spot and Futures Copy Trading strategies:

  1. Futures strategies have 2–3x times higher profitability (285%-1792% APY) compared to Spot strategies (70%-465% APY) because it uses leverage.
  2. If you use Futures strategies please keep in mind that you need to keep an eye on your opened positions and you need to stay in touch with a TOP trader in the Telegram channel to don’t miss a request of adjusting liquidity. Using leverage could cause a need of adjusting liquidity few times in a year. If a liquidity will not be adjusted there is a risk of a position liquidation.
  3. Spot strategies don’t require any need of adjusting liquidity and don’t have any risks of liquidation.