A New Crypto Copy Trading Model: Global Updates Announcement

5 min readSep 1, 2022


Dear and great GT-Protocol community!

We are excited to inform you about a global update to the Jet-Bot platform, which radically changes the business model of the ecosystem, and consequently affects all users.

We made this new update precisely in order to make the platform better and more profitable for all our customers.

1) Firstly, we have made all bots in the marketplace of TOP traders free.

In the old model, users had to buy a monthly subscription for each of the bots. And if you wanted to copy 10 different traders at once — it could be quite expensive! Now, all TOP bots for copy trading are free. You can add 5, 10, 15, or 20 bots to your account — all at once! It doesn’t matter how many. The more — the better, because this way you share your risks and can use copy trading safely to your profit, distributing your deposit among many traders at once.

2) Secondly, we decided to switch from a monthly subscription model to a profit-sharing model. If earlier you used the platform by paying a monthly subscription and had to renew it every month, now you can use the platform absolutely free of charge and pay only a commission from your profit! Now you pay only if you earn! That’s how sure we are that you will earn. We believe that this model is the future!

The old monthly subscription model was unprofitable for customers with small deposits. After all, if you have a deposit of only $100 — even if you earn 20–30% per month — you still have to pay a subscription cost of $40-$90 and this is, obviously, unprofitable. We wanted to make the platform more profitable and fair for our customers. Now let’s discuss in more detail how it actually works.

Since you keep your money on the Binance exchange or within Binance brokerage accounts, we do not have direct access to your money, so we can’t automatically deduct profit commissions. Therefore, we have made prepaid packages for you.

What is the prepaid packages?

This means that the price of the package consists of a profit commission that you pay in advance.

You can see packages x2, x3, and x5. For $10, $50, $100 respectively. Each package has its own commission rate for profit. And the name of the package says how much profit you can earn from the cost of the package. For example, if you buy an x2 package for $10 with a 50% profit, you get access to the platform and can earn a $20 profit. This is the simplest package that allows you to test the platform and understand the principles and effectiveness of its work. Also, if you buy the x3 package for $50 you can earn $150 profit, and if you buy the x5 package for $100 you can earn $500 profit.

This model is universal because when you purchase such a package, you get guaranteed access to the platform and the ability to use it until you double/triple/ or make 5 times the amount of your purchase! And you’re not limited by time here either.

We thought that this model would be the most honest and profitable for our clients because the client doesn’t take risks and can rest assured that they’ll only pay on their profits.

So, what should you do If you don’t want to pay any commission but are ready to put down a large deposit?

Of course, if you have a large deposit, for example, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000, or more, and want to ensure that 100% of your profits stay yours, there’s an opportunity for you too.

You can take advantage of the Unlimited Membership option, which gives you full, maximum access to the platform and to all its functions without restrictions, and most importantly — with 0% profit commission. This unlimited membership costs only $1,100. But since we just introduced this update and want to give all our old users the opportunity to try it out. We decided to be as loyal to our community as possible and to our supporters, so now, this unlimited package is available with a huge 50% discount for only $550.

Keep in mind that this discount is temporary and over time, its size will decrease. Indeed, in the future, we plan to increase the cost of this subscription to $5,000. Moreover, the Unlimited subscription allows you to become a Top Traderon the platform. You can create your own bot and add it to the Top Bots marketplace.

Then, platform users will copy your trades, and you will earn a commission from their profits. Indeed, the better your results will be — the higher you will be in the rankings — the more followers you will have and the more you will earn.

Further news

As a reminder, in addition to this great update, we are also currently working on:

  • a trading terminal;
  • an academy;
  • Ce/DeFi technology funds
  1. In the academy we will teach you to trade correctly, without risks, using bots on your own, earning up to 3,000% per year. You can learn to trade so that others want to copy you. And you also earn on commission from the profits of other users of the platform!
  2. But the most important feature and the main future update are Ce/DeFi funds.
    This technology allows any person or company to create their own decentralized fund on a Smart Contract, attract investments with its help, for any idea of ​​highly profitable crypto activities, and then manage this money securely, transparently, and automatically on CEX, DEX, and NFT platforms.
    For ordinary users, this is an opportunity to get access to the best and most profitable investment offers on the crypto market in just 1 click through our platform, and most importantly — everything is in 1 place, convenient, transparent, and safe!

We wish you a pleasant experience using our products!